Group Classes, Semi Privates (2-6 People) and Private Classes are available upon request.  Please call for more specific information or come down and try a class for yourself!  



Our team of professional trainers inspire you to reach your fullest potential.  Success is in the details and your success is our success. In our one on one sessions, you will have all the attention on you, your form and your goals. Schedule an appointment for a consultation! 

In our Sport Specific training, the athlete identifies his position or sport.  The Trainer identifies the bio-mechanics for that specific position on the field or the movements utilized in a specific sport.  The Trainer then develops a workout designed for that individual athlete, their strengths and weaknesses and builds a training regiment to enhance that athletes performance.  


We have a wide range of group classes available at Iron Temple Fitness.  We offer Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Cardio Kickboxing. We also offer our revolutionary FusionWORX training program which is a total body development regiment for all fitness levels, ages and dynamics. FusionWORX is a total transformation program utilizing diet and functional exercise.  Call for more information! 

           MUSCLE TONE

Weight loss while toning muscle. That's all apart of our package.  In a supportive and ego free environment, our members can focus on whats important.  All fitness levels are welcome to try any of our classes and see results within six weeks!  What you put in is what you get out! 

           CORE STRENGTH


In order to thrive at the higher levels of fitness, one must develop a strong core.  Here at Iron Temple Fitness, we help you rebuild your strength from the inside out.  This core focus will enable you to do more for longer, increase balance and total fitness for a long period of time.  A strong core sustains a healthier you.